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Tailormade Incorporation, Hong Kong Private Limited Company


Setting up a Hong Kong private limited company is having two approaches. Firstly, you may buy a ready-made or shelf company from our list of ready companies and registering your own name as director and shareholder of this company. Secondly, tailormade a company is choosing your own company name and share structure for incorporation.

Tailor-made a Hong Kong private limited company lets you:-

  • create your company name
  • desire your own share capital structure
  • modify some clause in the Articles of Association
  • name the subscribers & share structure in the Articles
  • no needing to allot or transfer shares

The basic and minimum structure of a Hong Kong private limited company is having at least 1 shareholder, 1 director and 1 company secretary. The address of the registered office and secretary must be in Hong Kong. A standard tailormade Hong Kong company is having 10,000 shares of HK$1 each and hence having a total of HK$10,000 authorised share capital. Client choose higher authorised share capital is required to pay additional capital duty.

We will handle all the procedures on your behalf. For you, it's simple - fill in our "Tailormade Company Order" and wire the required fees - and we will follow up and contact you for details. - Order Tailormade Company Now!

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Hong Kong and offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.
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