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Consultancy Services - China


Importation & Remittance
Do you want to sell your products to China?  Do you get trouble for China customers who do not get the import rights (i.e. they can only buy products locally within China)? Do you worry of your cash being restricted for remittance out of China? Do you think your factory in China is not competitive in domestic sales? and more ...

What you do worry is the area we are definitely help. After assessing your various needs, we will advise the alternative ways in satisfying your requirements and upon your approval, we will make appropriate arrangements thereof. We are confident that you will regard our services as value added to you.

VAT Invoicing
"VAT" stands for Value Added Tax and is added to your selling price when trade is completed. No knowing the irrcoverable VAT and the VAT deduction is definitely a cost and a cashflow burden to you to do business in China, especially for those with factory in China and having domestic sales. Please discuss with us for your individual needs in relation to VAT Invoicing.

Company Formation 
You may trade in China with or without formal establishments, which depends on your acceptance of the costs on the transaction. We could be of assistance to the company set-up in China.   Representative office can help you to coordinate and collect information about the market. Joint venture factory has the right of manufactures for export and domestic sales and set-up branches for domestic sales. Contract processing factory gives you the right to export 100% manufactured products. What is your right company structure, with us. Now we are introducing the formation of Company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

Product Sourcing
If you are interested in specific products or searching it in China, please send us the drawing, specification, order size ..., we will request our China sourcing office located in Guangdong Provience to source your required products.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Hong Kong and offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.


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