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Advantages of International Business Companies


Its SIMPLE. After you send us all information required for incorporation, we will prepare all necessary documents for your signatures. During the incorporation, we will guide you throughout the registration process. Our company kit includes Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Share Certificate, Company chop and Metalic seal. If you want to open corporate bank account in Hong Kong, we may prepare Bank Account Opening Kit for ease of account opening. The whole process is simple.

Its FAST. Tailormade offshore company is normally incorporated in one day (but the documents can only be released in about 3 days by respective Government). Shelf offshore company is ready and can be delivered to client upon receipt of client's registration information (subject to the availiability of proof of identity & address and personal reference).

Its CONFIDENTIAL. Privacy and secrecy is important for going offshore. Safe custody of Registers of Members and Directors will keep your information confidential. The public will NEVER know these information. Some jurisdictions are allowed to issue BEARER shares which means that the issued share is not required to register. It helps to hide the true owner(s) of the company. However it increases the costs of operation (some jurisdictions require higher safe custody costs in the management of issuance of bearer shares) and some banks refuse to open corporate bank accounts to offshore company with bearer shares. Hence, nominee shareholder services are having benefits over bearer share issuance.

You are in FULL CONTROL. You, being the shareholder(s) of the incorporated offshore company, can get full control of the company. If you want sole proprietorship operation of the company, you may select offshore company requiring minimum one shareholder and one director. You, being the sole shareholder and sole director of the company, have complete control of the company.

Its AFFORDABLE. Our policy is to keep incorporation price at a minimum. Price is competitive to the market in relative to our professional and quality services offered. Value added services may be added in accordance to client's various needs. This will keep going offshore affordable to different clients over the world.

Our office is LOCATED IN HONG KONG where characteristics of sound communications, advanced technology, standard profession, well-known financial centres, no exchange control, little government intervention and gateway to China are included. Clients are confident with their future development or with future group strategies that different jurisdictions may be created in one place with confidentiality.

We are PROFESSIONAL & RESPONSIVE. Our staff are professional qualified persons (e.g. FCCA, ACA, HKICPA, ATIHK, CIM, Chartered Marketer) engaged in corporate, marketing and financial services. We care and always response to clients in a constructive manner.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Hong Kong and offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.


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