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Nominee Services - Offshore Privacy


Nominee elements are important in offshore or combined offshore/onshore structures. With suitable and careful structure, desirable anonymity &/or asset protection for the final beneficiaries may be achieved while manageability of the company is maintained.

Reasons for Nominee Services

  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Alternative for bearer share issuance
  • Group strategies
  • Avoidance of management conflicts
  • Assets arrangments
  • Other personal reasons...
Nominee Director (This service is restricted to clients by referral only)

The nominee Director formally holds the position of an offshore company's Director and would be recorded in the Register of Director(s) as maintained at the Registered Agent / Resident Agent / Registered Office as required by the respective jurisdictions. Daily operations of the company is normally managed by the client or its manager (as powered by the issuance of General Power of Attorney as listed below).

Corporate Director

We may assist client in the formation and arrangement of the corporate director in the will-be established company. Daily operations of the company is normally managed by the client or its manager (as powered by the issuance of General Power of Attorney as listed below) or even the corporate director.

General Power of Attorney ("POA")

The nominee Director may issue a General Power of Attorney in name of client or his authorized representative. POA may be amended by special request from client before it is issued. If required, it may be authenticated or apostilled. The client or his/her authorized representative is entrusted with the same general powers as a Director himself.

Nominee Shareholder

Nominee Shareholder will hold the shares of the client's company only for nominee purposes. The Shareholders' or Members' details are recorded in the Register of Member(s) according to the rules or regulations as required by respective jurisdiction. The ultimate beneficiary of the company remains with the client. Nominee shareholder will prepare and sign Declaration of Trust ("DT"), which is a legal binding agreement stating who is the true owner of the company in question. At any point, the nominee Shareholder will transfer the shares to other person(s) as under the proof of instruction from the Beneficiary as per record.

It is frequently used by offshore company as an alternative to issue bearer share of respective jurisdiction. For issuance of bearer share as permitted by some jurisdictions, the custody costs are normally high and some major bankers DO NOT welcome clients with bearer shares. Using nominee shareholder may alternatively solve these problems.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Hong Kong and offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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