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Why Offshore


Most of clients using offshore corporations are one-person or shelf-owned proprietors. Properly structured offshore incorporation helps personal asset protection and minimisation of personal liabilities and risks. As each offshore company is a separate entity, company liability is not linked to owners' personal assets. Lawsuit in one company is generally not having influence with other offshore company with the same shareholder or owners' personal assets and hence, some clients may establish 2 or more offshore companies in order to spread through the risks.

Tax planning and saving is another utmost important feature of incorporating an offshore company. Properly structured offshore companies may help the transfer pricing strategy. Offshore company may acquire capital assets, patents or copyrights and rent to affiliates at market rates or franchise globally. Income may be retained offshore. Doing business with offshore company at arm length transactions may save tax from a high tax region or country.

To preserve privacy and reduce financial risks like weak currency, severe exchange control, political unrest, incorporation offshore, together with an international banking facilities, may assist. There are many offshore countries or areas which are well regulated and politically stable and free from exchange control.

Family Business protection may be achieved by setting up an Offshore Trust. Careful and properly planned clauses within the Trust may restrict the selling of the family shares in order that the family business can continue over decades or generations.

Strict secrecy and privacy are one of the great features for offshore incorporations. Owner(s) may find it useful for different reasons in accordance to the local rules. Most offshore companies are not required to disclose the owners or directors at the public records. The privacy is keep to maximum.

Low maintenance costs and no statutory requirement to file Annual Return or Audited Accounts are added features to go offshore.

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Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Hong Kong and offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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